About Us


M4U Network is large scale media house which produce Punjabi Dramas and theater of local and international. We have partnerships with largest Pakistani company Sky Tip Top Cd.

Sky Tip Top cd are available on YouTube and Facebook platform and working on other platform as well.


All our featured programs/stage shows or plays are not necessarily the views or opinions of actors or the opinion of our company.

Programs/stage shows or plays are presented after taking N.O.C. (No Objection Certificate) from the Home Department of Govt. of Pakistan. M4U Network and Sky Tip Top Cd both group company are not responsible for any obscenity and vulgarity in stage dramas intended or unintended.


M4U Network cannot allow anyone to use his content at any platform without approval, company have rights to file legal notice on this. If anyone found anything copyright work on our channel do let us inform at info@m4unetwork.com and info@skytiptop.com.

Downloading of our copyrighted original and legal content namely Stage Dramas, Comedy Clips, Video Songs on mobile and other commercial organizations only to end consumers having no further commercial use and in no other manner or media whatsoever. This authorization only grants the right to offer for playback or watching online the sound stage dramas, comedy clips and video songs as specified and do not grant any other right whatsoever or any other right or license.