Content Provider

Content Provider

The World Wide Web has disrupted many of the traditional relationships between content creators and providers by making it possible for the creators to be providers themselves. Authors now have the option to self-publish their books on Amazon for example rather than approaching a book publisher who may or may not choose to publish their work.

YouTube is a platform that acts as a content provider to the people who watch the videos but the people who make the videos are acting as content providers to the public through YouTube. If someone posts their holiday snaps up on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter they are acting as content creators and providers making their photographs available to friends or followers to look at. Bloggers are another example of people acting both as creators and providers and so are the people who comment on them.

The development of social media platforms has complicated the relationships between content creators, providers, and consumers because we are now doing all three whenever we click or tap one of those little share buttons to create re-tweets, likes or plus ones.

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